10 Reasons to Relax at Seven Mile Beach

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We may not be catering to cruise ship passengers on our stretch of beach, but cruisehive.com has recently listed 10 reasons for choosing Seven Mile Beach as your destination for relaxation. We couldn’t agree more and think that these reasons may just have you thinking about Coral Stone for a spring vacation!

As one of the best beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach offers the following:

  1. Soft, silky sands
  2. Crystal clear waters
  3. Pristine conditions
  4. Easy access
  5. No hawkers
  6. Five miles of pure bliss
  7. Amenities
  8. Water Activities
  9. Uncrowded
  10. The Upscale Vibe

Every one of these points is true for our location on Seven Mile Beach! Interested in reading more about each reason? You can find the expanded list here.