Cayman Crystal Caves

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The crystal caves are a beautiful display of nature’s work over millions of years. The crystal’s scientific name is stalactite, the crystals that are dripping down, and stalagmite are the ones on the floor that have built up. The crystals are formed by rainwater that filters through the ground and dissolves limestone into the acidity of the rainwater leaves behind microlayers of calcium deposits as the water drips to build the crystals.

The Cayman Crystal Caves are rumored to have been a hiding spot for pirates, where they buried treasure. Located on the Northside of the island, the caves were once underwater as revealed by fossils found in the cave. The caves sit below a tropical forest and a guide is required to enter the caves.

Cayman Crystal Cave tours guide you through three caves, the lake cave, the root cave, and the open ceiling cave. The tour ends with a walk through the tropical rainforest and gift shop. Schedule an hour and a half for the tour and forty-five minutes each way from the seven-mile beach. The tour cost $40.00 USD. for adults.