Getting Around the Island

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Booking your flights to Grand Cayman is the important first step when it comes to your visit, but once those initial travel plans are made, it’s time to think about how you’ll spend your time once you arrive.

For some, a taxi from the airport is all you need. At Coral Stone Club we are walking distance to a variety of restaurants, a grocery store, and liquor store. So if you plan to stick close to Seven Mile Beach and just need the essentials to keep you fueled, then transportation on the island isn’t required!

But if you’re wanting to see more of Grand Cayman then some transportation is required. Private drivers are an option, and rental cars provide a lot of freedom to explore at your pace. Rental cars are available right at the airport for easy pick up and drop off, too.

We do drive on the left hand side of the road, so if you are going to get behind the wheel, make sure your first turn is made in the proper lane! You’ll find it’s easy to get into the routine when you’re following other vehicles. Pro tip: there are lots of roundabouts on the island, and they’re entered from the left, so be sure to look to the right before entering! Caymanians like to honk, so as long as you’re in the left hand lane, don’t sweat it.

If you’d like help planning transportation for your stay, contact our front desk at 345-945-5820 or [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you!