Grand Cayman – A Divers & Snorkellers Paradise

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The clear waters that attract so many travelers to our island also draw underwater enthusiasts. Grand Cayman has excellent visibility for those that like to put on a mask and get in the water, whether you’re diving or snorkeling. Known for amazing wall dives, beautiful coral reefs, wrecks, and visibility that often seems infinite, Grand Cayman is the most visited of the three Cayman Islands by scuba divers.

The Coral Stone Club is located on Seven Mile Beach only minutes from some of the island’s best dive spots. Stretching in front of our beach is the famous West Wall. The top of the wall is between 40 to 70 feet and slopes away into the abyss. You are sure to see lobster, shrimp, crab, moray eels, spotted eagle rays, turtles, and all kinds of tropical fish here. Other Grand Cayman diving hot spots include Trinity Caves, Eagle Ray Rock, the Babylon North Wall, and Eden Rock/Devil’s Grotto. The last is a spectacular network of natural caves, caverns, and tunnels.

Wrecks are always fun to explore due to the amount of marine life that typically live among them, and there is a number to choose from. The USS Kittiwake is an ex-US Navy ship that was deliberately sunk in Grand Cayman in 2011 to create a dive site. With five decks of coral and tropical fish to explore, it didn’t take long for marine life to flourish and take over this site. One of the most accessible of the wrecks is the Cali, just 70 meters off Grand Cayman’s George Town. Cali was a four-mast schooner, some 220 feet long, which sunk just North of George Town Harbor in 1944 after experiencing severe weather conditions. Declared a hazard to navigation, she was blown up shortly after her sinking.

Diving in the Caribbean is a unique and memorable experience not to be missed, book your stay with us and enjoy the diving or snorkelling adventure of a lifetime.