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July 4th is a big day here in Grand Cayman. Not only does it mark the Independence of our American friends, but it’s also Constitution Day here, a day where all of Grand Cayman is proud and celebrates.

The first written constitution in the history of the Cayman Islands was approved by London in 1958 and came into operation on July 4th, 1959. With this constitution, Cayman was no longer a dependency of Jamaica. Grand Cayman’s relationship with Jamaica changed again when that country achieved independence in 1962. Then, in 1972 a newer, revised constitution came into effect, having a profound impact on everyone here.

More changes occurred over the years, but none caught worldwide attention like the inclusion of a Bill of Rights in 2012. After a public meeting of some 500 people, a Caymanian Compass editorial stated, “Just as the debate between the government and the Human Rights Committee on the bill of rights has been spirited, so is the debate on the bill of rights among the public.”

We invite you to come down and celebrate with us, as Constitution Day is a significant part of Caymanian culture and heritage.