History Of Grand Cayman, Part 2

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Part 2: The growth of George Town and Grand Cayman

We explored how Georgetown initially got its start as a practical and convenient port of call for ships traversing the globe. One of the main sources of meat – hogs, was so prevalent in the early days that George Town soon became known as “Hogswties”. In fact, if you tour there during your next Grand Cayman vacation, you’ll see that the waterfront of the area is called Hog Sty Bay to this day.

With all the dock activity and the coincidental location of fresh water wells, it was a natural that the town and its businesses would spring up around the waterfront. Soon exports from Grand Cayman started making their way on to ships and off to distant locations. Items like turtles, shark leather, cotton, sponges, coconuts, and rope made of the indigenous Silver Thatch Palm started to create a thriving economy on the island.

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