New Wreck Adds to Cayman’s Underwater History

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An underwater find off Cayman’s East End has sparked research and discussion over Cayman’s history.

Multiple train wheel and axels were recently discovered while nearby reef cams were being serviced. The Cayman Islands National Museum has been looking into where they may have come from, and so far they believe the train relics could be related to phosphate mining in the 1800s, or they could’ve been cargo from a shipwreck.

As the “graveyard of the Caribbean” there are many wrecks that can be explored around Grand Cayman. The USS Kittiwake is considered Cayman’s top shipwreck as it has formed an artificial reef with a large amount of marine life. The wreck of Cali is also a popular site for exploration, and its location close to shore means it’s snorkeling friendly, too.

Cayman’s history just adds to the wonders awaiting underwater… so if you’re looking for something to do during your stay, grab a mask and start exploring! Who knows, you may just come upon sunken treasure.


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