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Starfish Point is a little piece of tropical paradise, teeming with starfish of all sizes, and is a popular stop for excursions and tours here in Grand Cayman. It’s a stunningly beautiful location, found on a remote beach nestled on the northern coast of Cayman at the very end of a finger kai. Amidst the shallow, crystal clear water on all around, starfish thrive and frequent the shallows in search for food.

If you’re looking to sunbathe on a quiet beach, snap some brilliant photos, do some snorkeling, or just spend some time with the little ones finding starfish and beachcombing, you’ll quickly discover that Starfish Point is an absolutely ideal location.

You can find Starfish Point near Stingray Sandbar, Kaibo, and Rum Point. We strongly encourage all of our guests to combine all of those destinations into one amazing experience (or several!).

File under: Perfect for beachcombing, swimming, sunbathing, young children, non-swimmers, beach picnics, and just relaxing on the beach.