When Density Is Good

 In Environment, Resort

We’ve got more beach just for you!

We’ve all seen it before. Beach chairs stretching for hundreds of yards at the foot of a resort property, and it would seem that’s all each guest is given to enjoy during their stay.

In fact, resorts do have a certain amount of beach per guest and that calculation is referred to as “density.” In the accommodation industry, density refers to the amount of space per person around the pool and in the beach area. Coral Stone Club has been around long enough to have the widest deepest piece of beach for a property its size.

Given our three-story building is in an area that is more developed, we have more beach and pool area per guest than any other property on Seven Mile Beach. That’s value in a beautiful environment that you simply can’t express in dollars and cents.

Add to that our quiet location set off the road, when your beach time for the day is done, it’s nice and quiet in your unit. Space for you to enjoy inside and out – that’s what’s Coral Stone Club is all about.