Wreck Diving in Cayman

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The clear waters that attract so many travelers to our island also draw underwater enthusiasts. Cayman has excellent visibility for those that like to put on a mask and get in the water, whether you’re diving or snorkeling.

Wrecks are always fun to explore due to the amount of marine life that typically live among them, and we’re home to over 100! Some of the more popular wrecks are The USS Kitiwake, a former rescue submarine that was used in the latter half of the 20th century, The Cali, a cargo ship over 200 feet long, and The Wreck of the Ten Sail, a British naval ship that struck reefs back in 1794 on its way to the UK.

To learn more about the top eight wrecks in Cayman’s surrounding waters, check out this article. Happy exploring!


PC: Jason Washington