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How to Operate

If you are viewing this before your trip to Coral Stone Club, it would be helpful to print and take along in case needed during your arrival.



All Coral Stone Club units are equipped with hurricane doors and windows. Upon check-in, one of our staff will demonstrate how to open/close the doors. The following is a general explanation of how to use the doors.

To open the beach side sliding door, place the handle in the horizontal position and firmly pull the door toward you. When the door is completely parallel to the wall, the door will slide easily. To lock the front door from either inside or out, lift the handle while turning the key or inside latch.

If you have any difficulty with the doors dial 0 for the office or 8 for an outside line followed by 926-0703 to reach the property manager. It is recommended that doors remain locked for privacy and security.



Please lock your doors and use your safes at all times. While Grand Cayman is considered one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, it is still advisable to lock doors and use safes in order to keep valuables secure.



All units have a FREE wireless internet connection, each with its’ own wireless router. Once your system finds the network, select your condo’s wireless router to connect.  You will find an instruction sheet on the router.



The following are complimentary:  All Local Calls 9 + Number, USA 1 + Area Code + Number, Condo-to-condo 10 + two-digit condo number.  Press “Message” button to retrieve messages..