Affordable, Luxurious Value on Seven Mile Beach

At Coral Stone Club Condos, we’re proud that we offer luxurious, beachfront accommodations at an affordable price.
What’s the difference? If you are traveling with three or more people, dollar for dollar, it will cost more to stay at a comparable hotel because you pay for each room. At Coral Stone Club Condos, the price of a 3-bedroom vacation rental ranges from $250 per room in low season to $484 per room in high season, for accommodations set on one of the nicest stretches of sand in all the Caribbean! Compare beachfront units in a hotel to beachfront units at Coral Stone Club Condos and we can guarantee you will not find a better buy for your money. But what about value?

It’s about luxury, space and a great value

When selecting accommodation, it might seem like an obvious choice to simply book into a hotel. But what are you really getting for your money? Our spacious and well-appointed 1,800 square foot condominiums all feature three bedrooms. You’d have to find three 600 square foot hotel rooms just to start comparing fairly. That won’t be easy. Add in modern kitchens, dining areas inside and out, spacious decks and balconies, laundry facilities in your room, and you start to see that a Coral Stone Club condominium unit’s value far exceeds a simple price point comparison.

Then there’s beachfront vs. beach access – those breathtaking ocean-views and white sand. Which do you prefer, and what kind of value does that access offer you throughout your vacation?

Gourmet Kitchens

Vacation rental living is a more affordable choice than staying at a hotel. Having your own fully-stocked gourmet kitchen allows you to snack to your heart’s content at any time

of the day. Don’t be held down to a full meal in a restaurant, have meals when you want to. The money saved by not having to go to a restaurant every time you have a hunger pang will save you big dollars over the course of a week. But make sure to spoil yourself occasionally—you are on vacation after all.

Location, Location, Location!

You can take three steps out of your unit onto the beach and there are 18 restaurants and three spas well within walking distance. Across the street you’ll find a liquor store and the nearest supermarket is a 20-minute walk.

More relaxing than living in a hotel...

Having a fully equipped gourmet kitchen enables you to prepare a sumptuous breakfast, lunch or even dinner. This enables you far more flexibility for when you eat and how much you spend. Each meal you have to go the restaurant, wait for a table, order, wait for your food, eat, wait for the cheque, pay and then head out on an excursion or go back to your room. Imagine the time saved when you can grab either a quick meal, prepare your own epicurean delight or order in from many local restaurants. Then you can spend the time saved enjoying our award-winning beach. Now that’s value-added!

Density? What’s that?

In the accommodation industry, density refers to the amount of space per person around the pool and in the beach area. Coral Stone Club Condos has been around long enough to have the widest deepest piece of beach for a property its size. Our property is set off the road, more than most, so it’s very quiet in the unit. But we also back off the water’s edge, so there is a lot of beach space per person. Given our three-story building is in an area that is more developed, we have more beach and pool area per guest than any other property on Seven Mile Beach. That’s value in a beautiful environment that you simply can’t express in dollars and cents.