Activities Your Entire Family Can Enjoy!

Grand Cayman is around 22 miles long, and ranges between four and eight miles wide. It’s easily circumnavigated on a lovely boat tour, or on land with a scenic drive. A small island packed with many natural wonders one expects to find with an island paradise, Grand Cayman also has shopping and world-class spas, delectable dining experiences, a fun nightlife, and all kinds of attractions both on land and in the water.

TripAdvisor recently announced the winners of the Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2015, and Grand Cayman was included in the top 10 for three categories:

10 Best Islands in the Caribbean (#3)
10 Best Destinations in the Caribbean (#5 – Seven Mile Beach)
25 best Beaches in the Caribbean (#7 – Seven Mile Beach)

No matter which direction the wind takes you, you’re sure to find some amazing sites and activities to make the most of your Cayman Island vacation. Here are some of the absolute best ways you can spend your time either on-site, or while taking in an excursion nearby.

You can participate in On-Site Activities like swimming, hot tubbing, tennis, or pickleball. Or you can work out in the modern fitness facility, or head to our world-famous Seven Mile Beach and take part in some sand and surf fun. Many visitors do both!

You can take up Snorkeling, one of the most accessible and fulfilling activities you can do at Coral Stone Club Condos. There are dramatic, enthralling sites just steps away from Seven Mile Beach; and if you really get a taste for it, there are plenty of operators that can take you out for more challenging snorkeling odysseys.

Perhaps you want to go off site? There are spectacular Family Attractions, on, off, or in the water right across the island. Play with stingrays, visit a turtle farm, stop by historic Georgetown, or head to the surfboarding park.

Be sure to check out our natural and manmade Island Attractions. From the beach fun of Rum Point, to the former capital city of Bodden Town, you’ll be able to enjoy the intriguing history of Grand Cayman. You can also visit some of the island’s oldest inhabitants – the Blue Iguanas of Grand Cayman!

If you want to go Diving, then you’re in for some of the clearest, most colorful and diverse diving you’ll experience anywhere. Plus, most dive sites are just minutes offshore. We’ll introduce you to some safe and skilled dive companies that’ll take you to diving hot spots, where you’ll be transported into a realm of shipwrecks, intricate tunnel systems, and tarpon-filled caverns.

And what would a trip to a Caribbean island be without participating in some Watersports like parasailing, kitesurfing and stand up paddleboarding?

There’s so much to do, it’s safe to say that you’ll quickly know where the “Grand” in “Grand Cayman” comes from.