Some of the Best in the World

If you want to go diving, then you’re in for some of the most clear, colorful and diverse diving you’ll find anywhere. And most dive sites are just minutes offshore.

We’ll introduce you to some safe and skilled dive companies that’ll take you to diving hot spots where you’ll be whisked away to a world of shipwrecks, intricate tunnel systems, tarpon-filled caverns, and canyons with sponge and corals. You can visit Grand Cayman’s North Wall which plunges deeper than 1800 metres (6000 feet). If wall diving isn’t your thing the East Side also offers accessible shore diving to great coral reefs with little to no current. Perfect for the novice, or if you’re just learning to dive.

Wreck diving is a world unto itself. And Grand Cayman is home to not only a spectacular wreck dive, but a very special one, as well. The Kittiwake is a challenging five-deck, Chanticleer Class submarine rescue ship that was in service from 1945 to 1994. Each of the five decks have something different to offer divers: squirrelfish, a rainbow of rare sponges, Goliath groupers, and urchins. Just 64 feet from the surface to the deep at the bottom of the ship, and the top of the ship only 15 feet from the surface, the wreck cab be enjoyed by snorkelers and divers alike.

Grand Cayman’s reefs offer a variety of marine life. The fish are used to divers, and therefore unafraid of them and don’t flee when approached. Instead, silvery Tarpon hover motionless in mid-water, surrounded by glittery Silversides, and French Angelfish that fin in close to check you out. Huge Barrel Sponges and swirling schools of fish are common off Grand Cayman. These reefs are unspoiled and hard corals thrive in the clear, warm waters.