Fun & Sun filled Activities for the Whole Family

Some of the world’s greatest scuba diving and snorkeling can be had off the coast and along the surrounding coral reef, which is home to a mind-boggling array of interesting and exotic sea life. Stingray City is at the top of the list when it comes to a Cayman family vacation. Truly, there are few places in the world where you can wade in wast deep water and be surrounded by up to two dozen of the most gentle, curious, and acrobatic of all sea creatures. Just imagine holding your hand out flat and feeling the sucking sensation of a friendly stingray as it looks for morsels of food.

The turtle breeding farm in West Bay is home to over nearly 16,000 turtles that range from newborn hatchlings to 600-pound adults. From May to October, it’s Turtle Season on the East End, an important and special time. The Cayman Turtle Farm keeps a keen, close eye on nesting sites around Grand Cayman and is itself a unique family attraction, as well as heartwarming and inspirational for anyone who loves animals.

From the powdery sand beaches of Seven Mile Beach to the polar opposite, only on Grand Cayman can you actually say you’ve been to “Hell and Back” and be speaking the truth! Hell is a spot with unusual black, jagged limestone rock formations that eerily resemble charred remains, and is located near West Bay. In Savannah, you will find the oldest structure on the island, Pedro St. James.