Hope for Cayman’s Corals

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The health of marine life is important to us in the Caymans, demonstrated by our commitment to the turtle population and keeping plastic out of our waters. Corals are also closely monitored, and we even have coral nurseries to help grow and transplant healthy corals to aid reefs.

Recently, the Cayman Islands have been labelled a “hope spot” for coral health after a visit from ocean scientist Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, explaining that some species of coral are showing resistance to rising temperatures in the water.

While we continue to hope that our marine life can adapt to changing conditions, there are things we can do to help corals. Next time you plan on getting in the water, choose a reef safe sunscreen! Common ingredients in sunscreens can be harmful to reefs. By choosing a reef safe sunscreen, harmful chemicals aren’t being washed off and hurting corals. Check it out next time you’re in the pharmacy, and help us keep Cayman a “hope spot”!

You can read the full article on coral health in the Cayman Compass here.