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Let’s talk about density – and no, we don’t mean science 🙂

In the accommodation industry, density refers to the amount of space per person around the pool and in the beach area. It’s a very important concept and most travelers keep it in mind without knowing it: just how much space will you have at your destination? How crowded will it be?

Lucky for you, Coral Stone Club has one of the widest, deepest pieces of Seven Mile Beach for a property its size. Our resort is set off the road more than most, making it much more quiet in the unit, but at the same time we also back off the water’s edge, creating a lot of beach space per person.

When you consider that our three-story building is in a more developed area, Coral Stone Club has more beach and pool area per guest than any other property on Seven Mile Beach.

Density means a lot to us – it’s a key component of any dream vacation!