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History Of Grand Cayman, Part 1

August  04,  2017

Part 1: First of a series we kick off with George Town

people, and their stories as a regular entry in our blog. To kick off this new feature, we’re starting with the capital of Grand Cayman, George Town!

George Town became the capital of the Cayman Islands for a practical reason: because its natural harbour offers relatively deep water close to shore, and the location typically provides a safe anchorage and calm seas for vessels.

It was a perfect location for centuries when ships depended on wind for propulsion. Winds and currents meant that most ships coming from Jamaica, Europe or even other Islands in the Eastern Caribbean would pass the Cayman Islands – and specifically George Town – as they travelled up through the Yucatan Channel. Once through the channel between Mexico and Cuba the ships would swing around to the East and make for ports in Havana, the United States or in Europe.

That made George Town a great place to trade, especially if common staples were needed for a long voyage like: turtle, hogs, vegetables, and water.

We hope the trade winds, currents, or your adventuresome spirit brings you to our shores real soon!