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Pirates Week to Focus on “Celebrating the Seas”

June  12,  2018

Pirates Week is always an exciting time on Grand Cayman. Tens of thousands of people fill the streets for the pirate-themed activities that span over 4 days.

The festival is based on Cayman legend that the islands were once a popular resting place for pirates. Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is said to have called the Cayman Islands home! The pirate era didn’t last long— eventually Britain claimed the islands and settlers started arriving, but the brief history makes for fun stories and celebrations.

From November 8-12th pirates will once again fill the streets, this time with a unique agenda. The theme “Celebrating the Seas” is meant to bring awareness to ocean conservation and plastic pollution. The festival itself is also working to minimize the amount of plastic used.

Celebrating our Sea is always a theme at Coral Stone as we enjoy our stretch of Seven Mile Beach and the waters beyond. We hope you’ll be joining us for Pirates Week while keeping in mind how we can protect our seas on a daily basis, from the sunscreen worn while swimming to the plastic straw in your drink.

To read more about the upcoming Pirates Week, click here to read the article released by the Cayman Compass.