2016 Breaks Sea Turtle Nesting Record

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The 2016 sea turtle nesting season had a record-breaking year in Grand Cayman, according to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment. More than 400 nests were found on 35 miles of beach in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. This included a record-breaking 300 nests in Grand Cayman – a dramatic comeback from 1999 when fewer than 30 nests were found during the first year of beach monitoring.

From May until October, it’s Turtle Season on the East End, an important and special time. The Cayman Turtle Farm keeps a keen, close eye on nesting sites around Grand Cayman and is itself a unique family attraction, as well as heartwarming and inspirational for anyone who loves animals. The turtle breeding farm in West Bay is home to over nearly 16,000 turtles that range from newborn hatchlings to 600-pound adults.

We’re always careful to alert our guests to be on the lookout for hatchlings that can be very hard to see in the sand at times. Artificial lighting from developments disorients hatchlings trying to make their way to the sea, and beach erosion from storms sometimes washes away nests.

Let’s all be aware of how special these animals, have respect for their environment, and hope 2017 is an even a better year!