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There’s just something magical about Grand Cayman. From the water itself to the food and the history, something about this island paradise keeps travelers returning.

There is something in the water: crystal clear all year round, visibility is nothing short of astounding, allowing you to experience some of the best snorkeling and diving found anywhere with 100 feet of visibility. From the West Wall off Seven Mile Beach to the countless shipwrecks and dive spots around the island, the water itself is truly enchanting.

It could be the fantastic food: with over a hundred restaurants on the island and dozens within short walking distance of Coral Stone Club, those seeking culinary adventures while they travel will not be disappointed. Be sure to try our Jamaican-inspired jerk and curry, or West Indian side dishes when you visit. In fact, so serious is Grand Cayman about food that restaurateurs and some of the island’s best restaurants host Cayman Restaurant Month each October.

Maybe it’s the unique history: from a history of pirates to slave labour, you can spend your days just exploring the many wonders that bring Grand Cayman’s unique personality to life. Be sure to visit the turtle farm with its human-sized terrapins, experience a unique adventure at Stingray City, or drive out to the sparsely populated east side of the island with its scenic expanse of craggy coastline.

Whatever it is about Grand Cayman that makes it so enchanting, the sheer popularity of the island speaks for itself.

Perhaps there is something in the air…