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Seven Mile Beach is beautiful, and Coral Stone Club occupies a spectacular, secluded, and quiet section of the beach. What may surprise you, however, is just how convenient this spot is.

We’ve got you covered. Food, drink, pools, we have almost every conceivable convenience at your finger tips all day long, every day.

And for those few things we don’t have handy? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that Grand Cayman has an abundance of stores and shopping, much of it conveniently close to Coral Stone Club. A block away you can find Fosters Food Fair, an IGA grocery store with everything you are used to, and a tiny bit further is Cost U- Less, a warehouse club style store including staples like eggs, butter, etc.

You can grab groceries and walk them from the store right to your door in just a few minutes – our staff will even take the shopping carts back for you!

From the store to your door. Convenient.