Celebrate Autumn on Seven Mile Beach

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Envision yourself on the beach of your dreams, strolling along the shore of the top destinations in the world, with the sun shining brightly above you, silk-like sand between your toes, and no one in sight except for like-minded folks, fellow Coral Stone Club guests—your future friends.

Location, location, location—that’s key to successful destination vacations. Density is a close second, as discerning vacationers are aware. No, not the mysterious power allegedly in charge of fate; density refers to the area per person at a beach.

There’s a reason why people continue to gush about our spectacular location; because Coral Stone Club occupies one of Seven Mile Beach’s widest and quietest sections, you won’t have to worry about finding a quiet space on the sand when you visit. With travel restrictions gone and numerous Grand Cayman autumnal events happening throughout the season, now is an excellent time to experience all we offer.

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