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Things You Might Know About The Caymans

September  22,  2017

Full of surprises, full of fun!

There are so many great reasons to vacation on the Cayman Islands. The magnificent beaches, the crystal-clear waters of the warm Caribbean – we can all agree those are well known highlights of our island paradise. We’re always happy to assist you at the front desk, but here’s a few ideas to whet your vacationing appetite: 

  • Grand Cayman is about 22 miles long and 4 to 8 miles wide and pretty much at sea level. Like Barbados, it is a coral island, not volcanic. It’s like a giant sandbar. Locals like to joke that the highest point on the island is the landfill!
  • Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands comprising the Cayman Islands. The other two are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, where few people live. There are several daily flights between the islands.
  • Many visitors and expats call Cayman “Miami South” as it’s located in the Western Caribbean Sea, about 400 miles south of Miami.
  • The islands never had slaves or cane fields, unlike other Caribbean islands, which imported thousands of African slaves to work the sugar cane fields.
  • Cayman and Jamaica were once one! They were governed as a single British colony until 1962, when the Cayman Islands became designated a British overseas territory, one of 14 territories under the sovereignty of the UK but not part of the UK, while Jamaica became independent.

Check back here and we’ll be sure to share some more of these little-known facts.