Rules, Safety, Security & Emergency

To make your stay more enjoyable, please respect our policies. They are in place to ensure that everyone can have a fun vacation.

Balcony use

Do not hang towels or dive gear over balcony railings, or rinse dive gear anywhere but in the tub provided next to the bathroom in the front of the property.


Upon check-out, your villa must be left in the same condition of cleanliness and repair as you found it. You will be responsible for any financial obligations incurred or damages caused to the villa. If you do notice any problems upon check-in please report that immediately to the front desk. Please treat your rental villa with care and respect as it is privately owned.

Lounge Chairs

If you move your lounge chair, please return it to Coral Stone Club Condos property inside signed area. Please do not put chairs in the water. No saving of chairs or palapas. Abandoned towels will be returned to the Managers Office.


Please respect the comfort of others even when using your own condo. Consider the fact that loud noise and music carry more than normal in open beachfront condos. Loud music and partying should be kept to a minimum. Please keep music suitable for listening in your own unit and balcony, and consider those at the pool. No noise should be obvious outside the unit after 9pm.


Please report non-guest usage of facilities to Managers Office.


Coral Stone Club Condos has a strict “no pet” policy, please observe.

Pool Area

Do not leave empty bottles, soda cans, and other garbage on beach or around the pool. Use waste baskets that are provided. Observe pool/hot tub hours.


Water and electricity are precious and expensive commodities. Please ensure we do not waste either. Please clean feet in foot wash before entering condos or swimming pool.

Safety, Security, & Emergency

Please lock your doors and use your safes when leaving your villa. Keep valuables secured. If your villa is not equipped with a safe (in the master bedroom), or you do not understand how to use it, contact the front desk by dialing 1000. We encourage you to use the safes provided in the units whenever possible.

Fire Alarms are placed in all units and it is against the law to tamper with any fire alarms or smoke detectors. These have been placed throughout the building for your protection and are to be used ONLY in the case of fire. In the event of a fire, the alarms will sound and the Fire Department will need to be notified by dialing 911. In case of fire, please DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. If you hear a fire alarm, please congregate in the parking lot. Make sure everyone in your party is accounted for or with you. The Manager will provide further instructions.