Steps Away on Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman boasts some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. With its crystal waters with visibility up to 100 ft, “epic” pretty much covers what kind of experience you can look forward to. There are dramatic sites just steps away from Seven Mile Beach. The Wreck of the Cali is in only 20 ft of water and is considered one of the best snorkeling sites for beginners in all of Grand Cayman and is less than 50 yards from shore. Cemetery Reef is long and narrow with spectacular colorful life forms, and is in less than 10 feet of water. It’s a short walk away from your Seven Mile Beach condo, and is completely accessible for all ages.

Popular west coast Cayman dive sites are easy to reach from shore when you snorkel in Grand Cayman, including these locations just south of George Town:  Sunset House, Parrot’s Landing, Watersports Park, Eden Rock Dive Center, and the shallow reefs directly off Paradise Reef bar. On the west coast just north of George Town includes the Lobster Pot Dive Centre beneath the Lobster Pot restaurant. Margaritaville Beach Resort has great snorkeling off its beach as well. Further north includes Turtle Reef, just north of the Turtle Farm at Northwest Point, which is also a popular location. On the east coast just past the village of the East End: the shallows off Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort’s lovely beach offer a surprising variety of fish and other marine life.