Snorkeling Spotlight: The Wreck of Cali

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There’s no shortage of snorkeling in Grand Cayman—our clear waters and abundant marine life make it easy to grab a mask and snorkel and get exploring.

The Wreck of Cali is a popular Cayman dive site for many reasons. An old freighter that sunk in front of George Town in the 1940s, the Cali sits close to shore and in shallower water making it great for all ages. Not only popular because of its accessibility, the Cali provides homes to lots of fish, eels, sea urchins and more.

Legend has it that the Cali was carrying rice, and after springing a leak the rice expanded so much the ship exploded. Regardless of how it really sunk, pieces of the Cali are spread across the ocean floor and covered in colorful sponges and corals.

Interested in seeing it for yourself? We’d be happy to tell you how to get there!