Shop Local on Grand Cayman Island

There is a multitude of activities, tours, sights, and sounds to take part in on Grand Cayman. But maybe you just might want to spend some time in your luxury Seven Mile Beach condo, and need to be pointed in the right direction to find everything from Coke and chips, beer and pretzels, wine, cheese, the basics for making three meals a day or maybe take advantage of your outdoor grill and prepare a steak and local lobster feast we’ll help you find what you need.

You may be on a Caribbean island far from the mainland, but you’d be surprised just how easy it is to find those items you miss from home here on Grand Cayman. Just over a block away is Fosters Food Fair, an IGA branded grocery store with all the regular products lining their store shelves that you might find in a small grocery store at home. A little further away is Cost U- Less a warehouse club style store including staples like eggs, butter, and baked goods, to Conch meat, lobster, and delicious Mahi-mahi.

You won’t be lucky enough, however, to buy your beer or spirits in the grocery stores. But never fear! There are private liquor stores within a few short blocks of Coral Stone—though, we suggest you pick up some items at the duty free stores in the airport or in nearby Georgetown. Premier Wine and Spirits, Tortuga Wine and Liquor are the closet to the resort, but you’ll still likely need to get there by cab or rental car.

Here are a few other recommendations depending on what you’re looking for. As always, please ask our friendly staff for any suggestions.

Kirk Market
Shop Right
Priced Right

Chisholm’s Grocery
Bay Market
People’s Choice Grocery and Distributor
Oriental Market
The Market at the Grounds