Explore Grand Cayman In Style

One of the best ways to tour Grand Cayman by land is renting a car, getting out, and letting the wind take you places. However, there’s a cornucopia of tour operators, both on land and on sea, who are all happy to give you a unique perspective of our island paradise. From seeing a Blue Iguana in the wild, to getting a bird’s eye view aboard a helicopter, to diving or snorkeling by sea, to dropping by some fascinating historical spots on the island, we can assist you finding just the right tour for you and your family.

Now, no trip to Cayman is complete without visiting Stingray City. There are few places in the world where you can wade in waist deep and be surrounded by up to two dozen of the most curious, charming, acrobatic, and friendly of all the sea’s creatures. Join Cayman Kayaks’ fully guided night tour from Rum Point into one of the most amazing of natural phenomena in the world. Once inside the bay, watch how every stroke of your paddle leaves behind a glowing swirl of blue light, as you marvel at the natural bioluminescence in the water. Join diving operators like Living the Dream Divers as they escort you to some of the clearest, most diverse open or wreck dives you’ll ever experience. Enjoy the open ocean and coastline of Grand Cayman aboard sailing operators like Sail Cayman Ltd. Aquarius Sea Tours can do customized tours, or you can joining them to popular snorkeling, diving and swimming areas around the island. On land try Six Senses Eco Tour: six stops in six hours ranging from exploration of the islands mangrove wetland forests to Starfish Point viewing the magnificent Caribbean Sea Star starfish. Here are more tops tours to consider.

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